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When your wedding day finally arrives, everything goes by so fast, before you know it, your carriages have arrived and you're waving farewell to your guests. 
As much as we would all love to, no couple could possible take in and remember all those special moments that happened!  
Here at Maverick Weddings, we specialise in capturing those beautiful moments on your special day! With the use of our portable, non obtrusive professional equipment, we will blend in as if we were guests, and capture all those moments for you. so you can relax and enjoy the day with the one special person with whom you want to spend your life with.

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Apart from an initial zoom call, we first met Pete on the morning of our wedding day. Pete arrived well prepared, and being the professional that he is, he was able to blend into the event and video memories that me and my partner will cherish forever. Petes creative and funny ways won the hearts of not only us but of our guests and suppliers.
Aside from the business aspect, Pete was a real genuine gentlemen, he was able to liaise with the event staff, round up our children and most importantly, was able to co-partner with our chosen photographer. Even as strangers, they were able to come together and work as a collective for our wedding day and it’s that passion, commitment and drive that really sets Pete apart from other videographers.
Pete, I would personally like to thank you for all the hard work you put into our special day, we were honoured to have you a part of it and couldn’t have wished for a better videographer, the end product was more than anything we could have hoped for. I wish you and your family all the very best for 2022.