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Get to know us a little

I'm Pete Mitchell (Yes like Top Gun) Hence the name Maverick Weddings. I am a Videographer based on the border of Suffolk and Essex. 

I have been a professional videographer since early 2020,  however ever since the age of 10 I have had a passion for film making. As soon as mobile phones had functioning video cameras built in, I starting making videos - don't believe me, check out this beauty from 2014 -

Up until Mid 2020 my Wife, Daughter and Myself lived in a little coastal town in Spain called Javea, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes, I developed a real love for capturing the natural beauty! Once I had a drone, I was always out on hikes, seeing what I could capture!  

My style of wedding filmography is very relaxed, we go for the unscripted feel and capture the moments as they are happening. 

The little details of your wedding are important, right from the smile on your fathers face as he sees you in your dress for the first time, down to the tears of laughter as your best man embarrasses the groom during his speech. 

I like to get to know each of my couples and those who are close to them, this makes a real difference on the day, our relationship is already build and I genuinely leave, feeling like we have a new friendship! 

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